Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Woman's Touch


Some inspiring poems I heard
during April
National Poetry Month
led me to write:


I love the poems that women write.
Poems about white sheets 
drying on a clothes line in the sun.

I can hear the children running
through those starchy white tunnels
squealing with laughter.

All those Mothers, delicate and moist
from earnest scrubbing and finishing touches.
Hands that soothed fevered brows,
or slapped the beJesus
out of a backtalking teenager.

A woman’s touch is a fine art in itself,
deftly turning a page 
in the middle of Polonaise, 
or smooth and sultry, 
a hand sliding down a satin slip,
sleek and soft,
smelling of lavender
or White Gardenia.

Where are those dust-powdery teachers, now?
What were their names?
Mrs. Angel or Mrs. Cotton,
with glasses hanging on a thin chain
a handkerchief tucked in the bosom
of a dark green gabardine dress.

Where is that soft voice 
asking us eight-year-old girls, 
“What is grace?”
“The unmerited gift from God,”
we replied in unison.

Me and Mrs. Armstrong, 
one of those dust-powery teachers

Gordon Street Baptist Church 
Easter Egg Hunt (c. 1941)

Saturday, December 10, 2016


Only After Eighty

is dedicated to
the Brown High class of 1954.

Each of us turned 80 this year.

Thanks to our Newsletter Editor

Sarah Upshaw Vaughan

who keeps us in touch!

Thanks, also, to her assistant, Janie,

and all of you classmates who contribute!!


“Where have I been?” you ask.


I'm holding a PROOF copy. 

Two days after my 80th birthday

it was up on Amazon.

Girdled and Gloved:
 From Radio to YouTube

"50s girl fails auditions,
marriage, and psychotherapy"

Copies are at ADD Drugs in Five Points in

Athens, GA.

More are up at the OCAF Artist's Shoppe
(Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation)

~ ~ ~

2016 turned out to be a pretty good year.

I got to hang up my Retro Album Covers

at EarthFare in June,

which is what makes Athens, Ga.

a great town to live in!!

Just a hometown gallery!

No fans or fanfare, still,

I loved seeing them all in one place

 and one person emailed me.

~ ~ ~

In an OLLI class: Making Movies at Home,

four of us had an idea to save the world

and wrote the story outline in one day!!

I shot the short film

on my i-pad!!

I used i-movie for post-production

 music and sound effects

and made a super-logo for . . .

Super Crone Adventures!

It's on YouTube!!

The Elder-Boomers Have Arrived!!!


This is a job for The Super Crones!!!


Also, through OLLI, I toured WUGA studios.

 I'm standing in the same place

where, back in 1961

I once hosted "The High Road"

LIVE TV Program for Channel 8.


In November The OLLI Memoir Writers

gave a fabulous presentation

(photo by Karen Kenyon)

"Voices of Memoir"

 We entered dancing onto the Library stage to

I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet!

The audience clapped and laughed!!

Such beautiful stories -- poignant, insightful,

some down-right funny,

all beautifully read.


A Million Women's March

is scheduled in Washington Jan. 21, 2017.

Each state has a banner.


As the end of 2016 winds down,

I have dragged out my

Journal Cartoon Character

Blue Tomato.

She helps me get through

the days and nights

of being alone and creative.

Here's a few!

A musical slideshow of those

Retro Album Covers

are on YouTube, too.

OR just stay tuned . . .

and/or scroll down for more

creative blogs . . . 

~ ~ ~

Sunday, December 13, 2015


I think 2015 was the best year ever!!

Maybe because I bought a new screen door

 and the flowering crabapple I planted years ago

made a perfect photo

 to remember the Spring of 2015

The OLLI Memoir Readers 

gave an outstanding live presentation

 at our Library in April

~ ~ ~

That led to my making over forty album covers

and having them exhibited in the UUFA Foyer

in October

~ ~ ~

When I'm Out of Ideas, What do I do ?

I draw a cartoon Fortune Teller in my journal,

 then I take a nap until

 a new idea comes to me.


 I've almost finished a new book I began in 

November and designed a cover.

T H E  C R A Z Y  C L U B

The photo on the cover is Mother and her girl friend Grace

on a double date to ride horses  in the North Georgia mountains.

(c.1933. Mother has the short hair
 and arms draped over her friends)

The book is about Mother and Me and Music.

 covering the time period 1936 - 2016.

~ ~ ~

My mother loved the movies.

We went to a movie

almost every weekend.

She had an eye for staging. 

She posed me in my pajamas

on the front porch holding her old straw-filled

teddy bear and added the silhouette of Popeye.

~ ~ ~
PREFACE to The Crazy Club

After Mother died in 1991, at eighty-two, I began to write my story of growing up in Atlanta as an only child. I discovered that these intimate mother-daughter stories should be called Shug. I got tears in my eyes, because that’s what Mother always called me. 
The story was so much about us, and I hadn’t wanted it to be, fiercely rejecting the My Mother, Myself theory in my thirties. I hadn’t known how entwined we were for those first eighteen years, like two colorful double helixes. I hadn’t realized how much I was living out Mother’s dreams, and mine, too, that one day I’d be so famous my father might come and visit me.
  During her stay in a Rest Home, she concocted The Crazy Club and therefore the new title. By the time I came into her life in 1936 when she was twenty-seven, she was nothing like the picture on the cover. Still, the woman I knew as Mother for fifty-five years was the most unforgettable character I ever knew.
This is our story. It begins with the father I never met. 

~ ~ ~

I had another another new idea

 while soaking in a bubble bath!



Then I can insert the photo

with the story behind the cover.

For instance, Finding My Way is the opening song

from Silent Dreams: The Musical.

I've been finding my own way

so I chose photos from several decades

to illustrate the Album Cover.

~ ~ ~

Happy Holidays! 

Here's a photo of the music area

I've decked  out

with one string of lights.

Time enough to upload a 2012 Blue Tomato

music video

Hold On To Your Dreams

a two-minute narrated memoir.

Mother posed me for this photo, too.

I had such hopes when I made it!

See what you think!

I Hope You have a Fabulous 2016!!

~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks for reading!

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Friday, April 3, 2015


It helped to write my last blog
“What Was My Purpose?”
I started writing some haiku-like poetry

In the dark room
a long time
something beautiful develops
~ ~ ~

The last two books I read:
The Tao of Jung by David Rosen
 and My Quest for Beauty by Rollo May.
~ ~ ~
I’m happy that soon some OLLI friends
and I will be reading at the library. I made a poster.

~ ~ ~

Now, I’ve got some crazy idea
to design 33 1/3 album covers
as part of the “nostalgia” kick I’m on.

I paste them over old album covers.

Here’s a poster I designed.

Each one represents a song I’ve composed.

~ ~ ~



I'm sure I am addicted to wheat.
I break down with pizza.
I tried the $8 Your Pie pizza when
they were selling it on 3-14-2015
 for $3.14. (∏ = 3.14)

I loved it!

I ate two slices while it was hot,
just out of their brick oven.
I brought the rest home and warmed up
one slice each day in the skillet.

Pizza is oh, so comforting,
like a drug of choice.
 I’ve bought one pizza each week since 3-14-15
~ ~ ~


A really good friend, Margot Endsley, died March 30.
Our birthdays were a month apart.
Her death weighs heavy on my heart.
She had a massive heart attack.

I knew her by the authors she loved:
Faulkner, Sartre, Dostoyevsky, 
Ruth Rendel, & John Irving.  

I knew her from the secrets we shared
back in the 60s, when we first met at
The University Women’s Club Discussion Group.
I knew her likes and dislikes.
I helped her plan Dick’s memorial service.

Wed. Mar. 25, (five days earlier)
I had visited with her in her car
in the Kroger parking lot.
We talked about old times, books, diets
dogs, and children.
 She was reading East of Eden.
We talked about death and dying that day,
how we wanted to go quickly.

Last year I emailed her my entire memoir
 and she’d printed it out and read every word.
It’ll probably never be published
but she was the one person I most wanted to read it.
 And I’m consoled a little that I have that memory
 because now she’s gone.

It was the kind of death she wanted.


~ ~ ~

I still don’t know what my purpose was or is,
 but it has something to do with love & music.

Maybe I'll get my piano solos made
into a CD, finally,
now that I have designed a cover.

~ ~ ~



(I would have loved to have
heard Frank Sinatra record it!)

~ ~ ~

This was going to be my blog:

WANTED: Fairy Godmother/Housekeeper/Agent!
~ ~ ~
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